Hand Lettering Workshop

Katie from Indie Likes Yellow attended a Hand Lettering workshop run by the very talented Wayne Thompson of Australian Type Foundry and Jess Cruickshank. With the only prep for the class being to come armed with a word or phrase, we started the day with intros and a brief look at some of Wayne and Jess' work. We were all then the lucky recipients of a shiny new TomBoy brush pen - tool of the trade for many a hand letterer.

With aforementioned shiny new pen in hand and a stack of blank paper, we got to work by first practicing very simple strokes to get a feel for the pen and how the pressure is applied to create different techniques. More pressure on the 'down' stroke produces a wider, firmer line, whilst releasing pressure on the 'up' stroke, gives a softer, finer result.

After writing the word 'minimum' about a thousand times (a good word to practice because of the rhythm and change in pressure of the strokes), we were ready to start drafting our phase or word.  'Find Your Tribe' was our pick - a little motto we saw sometime ago, probably whilst scrolling endlessly through inspirational IG pages. 

We worked out a 'type lockup' where we first sketched out how the words might sit with each other, then started to use the brush pen on tracing paper to practice, practice, practice. 

To find out more about Wayne and Jess, check out their IG pages and websites:

@wayneatf //   www.aft.com.au

@jesscruicky  //  www.jesscruickshank.com