This is Indie. Indie Likes Yellow. She also likes pink, dancing and talking.
A lot!


Indie Likes Yellow is based in Sydney, Australia and is the creation of Katie Lodge. 

As a designer / former architect / business development manager / mother / bodybuilder (i know crazy right?!).... Katie has a strong appreciation of working with diverse groups of people and loves to work collaboratively.

Indie Likes Yellow loves nothing more than an awesome brief that allows us to solve problems through design and creative thinking. 

We would really like to know more about YOU and how we might be able to collaborate and create something amazing together.

PS. Did we mention that we LOVE coffee, so if you like what you see or would just like to have a chat, feel free to drop us a line and we can grab a cup of the good stuff together.

Get in touch on +61 434 870 176 or via email